New Blog Theme

Today I changed the theme of my blog.  This theme is called Snaps incase you would like to use it. I was just browsing all the WordPress themes and previewing them. I saw this one and had to have it. The earlier theme was Hemingway Rewritten. I really like this.

On other thoughts I’m thinking from next weeks I’ll schedule my posts over the weekend and post them over the week. Any thoughts? Have any of you done that before?

Question of the day: What theme is your blog? Do you have any other themes that you like.

Tell me in the comments.



2 Year Blogiversary!!!

Hey guys! Guess what? It’s my 2 year blogiversary tomorrow! I was so excited. I did this post today because I wouldn’t have time tomorrow considering I have school. I’ll give you a run through of what’s happened on my blog since October 31st 2014.

I started my blog to share my stories and writing with the outside world. Click this link to see my very first post. Click this link to see the first story I posted. I was not very active. If you look at my archives you’d understand. In India I didn’t have much tome for blogging. I started blogging more often when I came to America. I love blogging and have discovered so many great bloggers. And last her I am blogging. I have learned so many things through other bloggers. I want to say a big Thank You to all my followers and all the bloggers I follow. You guys encourage me everyday. I would appreciate if you guys tell me what you want me to do for my blogiversary. I really want to do something special. Please give me some ideas in the comments below.



DIY Lava Lamp

Hey guys, on Sunday I did a really cool experiment/DIY. Can you guess? Oh yeah, stupid title ( just kidding ). I made a DIY lava lamp. squeeeeeee. Ahem. It does not work like a normal lava lamp, but it works. ( note : it isn’t a light either ). I decided to show you guys what I did. This is not my own idea, but I saw many different instructions, mixed them up and came up with my own.

You will need:

Mason Jar (or any other clear container.)



Food Coloring( Bold colors work best)

Effervescent Tablet( I used Alka-Seltzer)

  1. Put a few drops of food coloring in water and mix it up until you have the color desired.
  2. Pour it to about 1/4 of your mason jar.
  3. Take your oil and pour it in the rest of the jar making sure to leave some space at the top.
  4. Break your tablet in half, or you could keep it full.
  5. Drop your tablet into the jar and watch it fizz!

This is really fun, that you can create again and again. Add some glitter and see how that works.

How it works:

Oil floats on water since it is less dense. We can clearly see that when the water is mixed with food coloring. Effervescent means giving of bubbles or fizzy. When you drop the tablet into the mixture the water bubbles up making your own lava lamp.

Here are some pictures-

20161023_175755 20161023_175758 20161023_175942 20161023_180046 20161024_184606 20161024_184607 20161024_184708 20161024_184740 20161024_184806 20161024_185142

Note: It stops fizzing after a while, don’t throw it away after it stops, keep it inside your kitchen or something so when you’re bored you can just take it out and drop your effervescent tablet and watch it bubble up! (it’s fizz slows down after a few days if you understand what it means)

Personally I ♥♥♥ it. If you can’t tell I am obsessed with it. 

Comment below if you will or have tried this, I would love to know how yours turned out.





Room Decor + Art

Hey guys, a few days ago I decorated my craft room for fall. The decorations were very subtle and I can change them often. I thought I would change it every month. Every month would have a different theme. This month’s theme was fall, here are some pictures-


This is how it looks all together.  I just decorated an empty wall with it.

This small sign
This small sign


Fall leaf
Fall leaf
Heart with fall colored rhinestones
Heart with fall colored rhinestones

Some Twine Bows, that I found at Micheal’s and thought were really pretty.

20161022_140434 20161022_140441 20161022_140447

Here I just added a orange ribbon bow to my doorknob.


When I think of fall colors, I think of shades of orange and brown. So I decorated my room that way. What comes to your mind when you think of fall and fall colors? tell me in the comments. I finished a painting today, it’s not the best but I like it nonetheless-


What do you think? Any ideas for themes for November’s room decor theme?

Tell me in the comments.




New Sign Off

Hey, it’s me again. Second post of the day. I created a new sign off on picmonkey. It was really quick, not going to lie. I will try to make better ones. Enough writing here it is-


Do you like it? Any suggestions for making better ones? Tell me in the comments.


-♥Arunima or from now



Hey guys! This is just a quick post asking for your suggestions for a few things.

First up, books. I need some suggestions, I would usually go to  library and just pick a book but doing that isn’t working for me anymore. I am in 6th grade so something around that age limit would be nice. I mostly like Realistic Fiction or Fantasy, so something in that category would be great. Tell me the name of the book and the author and if you want tell me why you liked that book in the comments below.

Some writing suggestions. If you have seen or made up some great writing prompts, write those down in the comments too.

Blogging. Sometimes I have a hard time with coming up with what to post about, so tell me what category of my blog would you like to see more posts in or something you really enjoy reading so I can take your suggestions and use them.

Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate you reading my blog, tell me your suggestions in the comments below. Hope you have a nice day!



How to choose a Halloween Costume

Hey guys, it’d the time of the year, where you get to dress up in a costume.I love dressing up in costumes, I have only done Halloween once since I moved from India. Last year I dressed up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, this year I am being a Devil.

One reason I love Halloween is that there is no limit to what you can be. There are tons of choices. You can buy your costume readymade or you can DIY it. As good as that sounds, sometimes it also turns into a problem. There are so many options that you can’t choose just one. I came up with some tips, I know some people like to plan early and have already gotten their costume, but you can save it for next year-

  1. Look at your style. Is it girly, funky, unique find a costume that matches your style.
  2. Look at what you wore the previous years, maybe you could do something similar or, something different.
  3. Go through some websites and see what is available, you may not buy it from that website, but you can get an idea of what you would like.
  4. This or That. Do a tiny this or that in your mind. Do you want to look scary or pretty. Do you want to be something realistic or fantasy. Do you want to be someone from a book or a movie.
  5. See if you want to do a pair costume with your best friend, some good ideas would be. Devil and angel. Minions. Anna and Elsa. Fairies. Buzz and Woody etc. You could also do a group costume, for example: The animals from Madagascar, Harry Potter Characters, Hunger Games Characters etc.
  6. The last tip I came up with is my favorite. Dress up as someone who is totally opposite of you. It would be fun for you, and you can surprise your friends. For example if you are a happy-go-lucky girl, with a sparkly personality you can be a dull vampire.

These are just ideas, you can come up with your own tips. What are you going to be for halloween. Tell me in the comments, I would love to know.



Doll Diaries- A New Sister


I was so nervous. I was expecting someone. I was trying to distract myself while reading a magazine. I had my hair styled at a doll hair salon into a waterfall braid.


I heard a knock on the door.


I saw a girl with beautiful black and wavy hair, her eyes as blue as the sky. She was standing at the door. She was carrying a bag and had some stuff behind her.

“Hi, my name is Summer, I think this is my new home.” she said in a shy voice. ” Yes! My name is Aira, I am your new sister, I was expecting you”, I said. We hugged.

sweetest picture ever!!!
sweetest picture ever!!!

I invited her in and she followed, we sat on the floor.


“So, welcome”, I said. “Thanks”, she said shyly. ” I’m glad I got into a nice home like this, I’ve only been here five minutes and I already know that I’m going to love you.” she said a little less shy. “I have a gift for you”, she said handing me a red bag.

20161003_18210120161003_182128  20161003_182139_001

I opened the bag and saw super pretty earrings, I am definitely going to share everything of mine with her. Then I remembered , ” I have a gift for you too” I said and I went to get the gift.

20161003_182211 20161003_182216 20161003_182305

I gave her the gift which I had wrapped with yellow wrapping paper and such an owl sticker on it. I watched as she tore it open.


“A doll!” she exclaimed. She looked delighted. “I have one too, I said.”


We played with our dolls for a while, then talked about ourselves.

20161003_183149 20161003_183414

We ate cupcakes and read magazines, when we started feeling sleepy Summer asked me “where will we sleep?”, she asked. ” I have a bed, but since you don’t have one we will sleep on some thing even more fun………. human pillows.


We bounced on the beds, and suddenly she said ” I love you Aira, you are the best sister I could have”,

“I love you too.”


Hey guys, it’s Arunima here, as you saw I got a new doll.20161003_184026

Her name is Summer, I thought it was perfect for her whole look and her eyes. I was choosing a doll for months and I fell in love with her. We drove to Houston when we had enough money, and I bought her, got Aira’s hair styled and bought lots of stuff. Doll Diaries will be written by Aira and Summer now.